To be the most proficient, reliable and competent in electrical service provider in the country To be the major engineering company to provide best design, interfacing between electrical system, installation, testing & commissioning.

To provide the most efficient and reliable engineering design in electrical plants. To provide power utility companies, industrial factories and electrical consumers with the best and safest electrical installations.

To become a company that is govern by its value of quality by maintaining its Quality Management System To deliver the best quality engineering services to our clients that meets their requirement & within our planned cost, time..

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BQE Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is a company that provides engineering services in the Electrical Supply Industry of Malaysia. The company has the license issued by Malaysia Energy Commission to undertake the following services:-

Testing & Commissioning of protection relays and other associated relays in power stations and substations belonging to Power Producers and Large Power Consumers.

Proofing and commissioning secondary circuits namely protection circuits and control circuits in power stations and substations as well as power cables and power transformer.

Design of protection and control schemes for power station and substation electrical equipment.

Evaluation of protection and control schemes.

Installation and maintenance of electrical equipment in power stations, substations, factories, mills etc.

Intergration of other secondary equipment such as fault / disturbance recorders. SCADA equipment and substation control system ( SCS ).