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Power Generation Transmission and Distribution
  1. Design and Supply of Generation, Transmission and Distribution System

  2. Electro-Mechanical Construction Pre-Operational Testing, Start Up and Commissioning

  3. Plant/Equipment Rehabilitation

  4. Load Dispatching, Power Distribution and Supervisory Control System

  5. Operation and Maintenance

Scope of Supply

  • All types of switchgears

  • Transformers

  • Cables and Overhead Lines

  • Generation and Motors of all voltages and sizes

  • All types of Protective Relays

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA)

  • Telecommunications Equipment

  • Substation Control Systems (SCS)

  • Substation Monitoring Systems (SIMS, PDM, TCMS)

Testing and Calibration
  1. Precise Measurement of Electrical Quantities and Derivatives

  2. Electronics Testing and Instrument Calibration

  3. Calibration of Voltage, Current and Resistance Equipment

  4. Testing of Secondary and Primary Power Electrical Equipment

  5. Testing and Verification of Generators, Transformer, Switchgear and Isolators Pressure Level, Temperature and Flow Instrument Calibration

  6. Testing and Commissioning of Auto Transformer, Power Transformer and Earthing Transformer

  7. Calibration of 500/275/132/33/11kV All Power Electrical Relay Protection Unit

  8. Testing and Modification of Control and Protection Power Electrical Scheme

  9. Conformation Test for Operation and Stability Scheme Electrical Power Substation

  10. High Voltage and Power Frequency Test for 132/33/11kV Busbar and 33/11kV Power Cable

  11. Commissioning of 220/110V DC Battery Supply for Power Substation

  12. Testing and Commissioning for 275/132kV Transmission Line Test

  13. Commissioning of 415V Switchboard System for Hydro Plant

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