In order to perform commissioning and maintenance tests, the company has assembled a comprehensive set of test and other associated equipment. This has enabled the company to successfully undertaken projects on electrical installations with operating voltages ranging fro 0.415kV up to 275kV. Apaart from the test equipment, the company also has a workforce that a dedicated and trained to handle the test equipment. This has made the company able to continuously provide quality service and meet customers expectation.

The list of equipment is as follows:-

1. ABB ODEN XS primary injection set

2. PROGRAMMA SVERKER 750 secondary injection set

3. YOKOGAWA 1kV type 3213 insulation test set

4. KYORITSU 5kV type 3122 insulation test set

5. MHO set RST three phase injection set

6. SVERKER 650 single phase injection test set

7. PAM 350 phase angle meter

8. BAUR 220kV dc and 75kV ac pressure test set

9. BAUR oil test set

10. ABB PROGRAMMA TM1600 breaker timing test set

11. Battery Discharge equipment

12. 240v/3kV Voltage step-up transformer

13. FREJA RST distance relay injection test set

14. Milli/MicroOhm meter RS850/388 Model BS 405

15. Phasing sticks model Seaward 109A9113 with phasing kit PR33D

16. Omicron

17. Sace

18. Ociloscope

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